I’m glad I quit smoking

My mom got breast cancer from smoking I think so I’m glad I quit in 2018. I really don’t want to get cancer or any other smoking related health problems. I started smoking when I was 15 and quit a few months before I turned 28. That’s probably the best decision I ever made besides getting my G.E.D.


I would agree with your post with an addition I need to quite badly I have asthma and COPD…

That sucks. Maybe try the patch or nicotine gum or Chantix.

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I can’t quit smoking.

Enjoy it so much there is no way I’d even consider it


@AshKetchum patch I’m allergic to the glue and gum make my teeth hurt, chantix makes me depressed so does wellbutrin, but I will hopefully quite some day soon… possibly cold turkey. I have gotten back from 3x a pack per day to 1/2 x pack per day so I am steadily working toward a good goal…

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It sounds like you’re already quitting gradually. I quit gradually almost 6 years ago. Healthiest thing I ever did for myself. besides going to a gym.

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hmm I also need to got a gym to @chordy Another bonus of goodness :slight_smile: Thank you for reminding of this GYM item I forgot to look into this week over at YMCA if they are open again I wish to start swimming and water therapy once again.

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I quit cold turkey.

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not sure how my anxiety would be if I quit, have quit many times,

but I switched to working out every day,
and my body might not be able to handle that now
at my age.
anyway, congrats, huge move on your part.

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It’s better that i quit drinking #1

Quitting smoking is #2

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I’m happy for you. Don’t pick up again ever.hugs


Done for good. :white_check_mark::+1: This is for Sparta!

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