I’m getting betaine from wheat bran cereal instead of supplements

I still use betaine supplements but only every now and then. I find after a few days of supplements I get heartburn. So I take the supplement every other day.

I bought Kellogg’s all bran, which is delicious. I read there’s roughly 350mg of betaine in 100grams of wheat bran cereal.

Scientists say we need 1,500 mg of betaine daily for good health.
They say the average intake of betaine is 131 mg, and we should be getting 1,500 daily.

So I’m gonna try it for a few months and see how I get on.


Good luck with it. Let us know how it works out.

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bran cereal is so good. Good luck!

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I keep you updated.

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I forgot to mention that too much wheat bran can kill you and inhibit a lot of vitamins and nutrients.

So I’m having 1 good sized bowl in the morning and get the rest of betaine from other sources like spinach and beetroot etc.

Basically moderation is the key for me.

It sounds crazy that betaine could help but I guess someone’s gotta try.

My brain inflammation had cleared up this morning with betaine/tmg. Also hearing lot less voices.

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Well I’ve decided to get betaine mostly from Kellogg’s all bran cereal. I get the same results as the supplements, but I don’t like supplements so I’m getting it from whole wheat.

My bowels are feeling fantastic.

Kellogg’s all bran does a 5 day challenge, saying after 5 days of all bran cereal can work wonders for your gut. I can say it works, I don’t feel sluggish at all.

Brilliant stuff betaine is.

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That’s brilliant mate!

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Apparently betaine works on melatonin receptors as well. Probably why I’m getting good sleep lately.

Here’s my update.

I have a good bowl of wheat bran every 2 days because that’s how long it effects me. If i take it every day my arse is so sore from being too relaxed.

If I don’t take it longer than 2 days I find it hard to go out.

Also feeling great.