I’m getting angry because the dr is busy

And has no time to meet me :confused:


Be patient and keep bothering them thats what I do

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Ha - Sorry my dear, welcome to the world of Psychiatrists. Ive got a 4 week wait for a telephone consultation to up my paliperadone jab to 150 lol.

yeah i shouldve realized psychs are busy

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Yeah they are Crazy Busy. My care co-ordinator has even bogged off to work in the local psych unit - cos loads are isolating with covid. I been getting support via text message when shes free! lol.

Cut em sum slack. I know from my team they are extremley underfunded and overworked.

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I’ve had a bleeding open wound in my left shoulder for over a month now that I can’t have surgery on because our hospitals are all crashed with covid patients. The surgical recovery rooms are now covid ICUs.

Trade problems?

I’m sorry I realise there is bigger problems

is that what they told you, or are you inferring that?

There’s news in Canada, you should try reading it sometime.

well, the news is the news, and if it’s bad it’s twice as bad thru them. feel free to post something though, I would have no idea how to go about finding that.

Harness the Google.

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I suppose. I’ve got Rona fatigue though.

that sucks… my pdoc is busy too. i only got a new appointment for in 6 months cause his agenda is fully booked.

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