I’m enjoying mulberry leaf tea. In mouse models it’s antipsychotic

Well, I haven’t tried the tea in years. I drank it once when I was completely dead numb from meds, and it had no effect because I was emotionless at the time.

Well I just checked the back of my cupboard and found mulberry leaf tea there. I’ve made a tea and I can say I enjoy it.

In mouse models mulberry leaf showed antipsychotic potential. Please ask your doctor before taking it because it may interact with medication.

I have no worries with it.

I wonder if it’s a true antipsychotic, it’s calming and is known to increase gaba waves and promote tranquility and zen vibes, from what I’ve read.

This tea pairs well with holy basil (tulsi), in which it depletes stress in me. I like.

I wish they do more studies on mulberry leaf for schizophrenia, seeing how well it performed in mouse models.

Then again it probably doesn’t touch schizophrenia, but then again it might stop it. Time will tell hopefully lol.

The tea is sweet and slightly tart.


Here’s some information on the herb

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Didn’t drink coffee today. Just green jasmine tea

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