I´m doubting the existence of one of my friends

I don´t care too much, but sometimes, when I´m with him I doubt if he is real or just a delusion. Is this relevant? Or a common feeling?

I have lately a feeling of surrealism. I´m starting to doubt about this kind of things.

Why don’t you try pinching him to see if he’s real?


we do usually handshake when we see each other.

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Sounds real to me. But some schizophrenics here even doubt their own existence or think other people are robots or actors in a tv show so I doubt it’s that rare of a symptom among schizophrenics.

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That sounds sort of serious to me.

At least for me personally that is serious.

When I was at the start of slipping into psychosis last time,

I doubted the existence of all the members of this forum except for myself

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There’s a guy I was friends with who I now question is real or not. I knew him but no one else did. It gets confusing.

Also, I’m being followed and tracked by navy seals but no one believes they’re real even though I’ve seen them and talked to them so many times

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I have the same doubt about a friend beeing real or not, but it was like 7 years ago or smthing, from my first psychosis.

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Sounds more like existential issues. And maybe derealization

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