I’m dealing with my loneliness

With my hobbies I guess.

This new band, my other band, my originals, my art, and dog training. Pretty much my life now besides work.

I am kind of nervous me and my partner are at crossroads. His oldest went to college and obviously no longer helping out around the house and he’s also having medication issues because his new jobs insurance won’t cover one of his antidepressants. I am worried for him, and I’m also lonely and missing him, it’s been a month since we’re had much time together and now I’m starting up with this new band so I’ll be even busier too. But I can’t pass this band up, clearly they have potential


sorry…sounds busy…I am getting ready to be busy volunteering for a toy and action figure museum…wish you weren’t so lonely.


I haven’t had a partner in ten years and no pet either. I know all about loneliness.

Part time work is a lifesaver.

The band sounds fun.


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