I’m being threatened, my gf betrayed me, can’t go to hospital, I need help


My one close friend who’s basically a drug addict (posted about him a few weeks ago) threatened me, saying he would have “his friends” (I.e. crips in Newark) come see me and my family because I messaged his gf saying he had been making moves on my gf. On top of that I found out that my gf had been secretly messaging him for about the last 2 months. I’m having serious suicidal thoughts, but going to the hospital would mean I’d have to withdraw from school again and postpone my graduation, which I’m already very behind on.


(Cont) My doc prescribed me Valium temporarily and some atenolol but it’s not enough. Is there any safe, more serious medication I can take for a week or two for very severe anxiety? I don’t want to increase the Valium bc of the risk of becoming dependent. I’ve felt like I was about to have a heart attack every day this week


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hope youre doing okay dude, dont worry about a thing man he was probably just bluffing dont be afraid. I do think your mental health is most important though, you could always talk to your guidance councelor later…

Id say just go to a hospital and talk to a doctor and get help.


I don’t think he’s bluffing, he has a past of holding grudges and doing very ■■■■■■ up things. Idk why I didn’t see it or think it applied to me in the past. I appreciate your support though. I think I’m going to try to get a restraining order, but I’m not sure if that would aggravate him more


Idk if I can afford a hospital visit either


are you in america i read there are a lot of free mental health hospitals look them up! you might just be being paranoid


Dude if he said he’d send the Crips after you I’d at least call the cops.


disconnect from these bad people… You don’t need this bs in your life. If your gf is involved in it time to seriously reconsider her as well… There are other good girls out there.


Let them have each other. Stop talking to that sob.


Keep your doors locked, don’t answer the phone, concentrate on school. Hopefully it will pass. Small potatoes. How much longer do you have?

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If you are suicidal and think you will act on it you need to go to an ER first and foremost. Like right now.

Friends and girlfriends can be replaced.

If you think the threat was serious you could call the police but your own health is more important. You can always go back to school.

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I called the cops. They’re offering a retraining order or to charge him w something, but I’m not sure if that would ultimately antagonize him more and make me less safe


Just a few classes, not completing this semester would substantially set me back


I don’t think there’s free hospitals here but I’ll look into it. I might be overly fearful but the threats are not delusions, I have screenshots


You ve been blackmailed i guess. Its only your reality at present. It will go away. God help you.

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Thank you and yea kinda


My parents are investing in security cameras, has anyone tried any security measures that work/make you feel safe?


I know a guy online who’s best friend had him drive him to his girlfriends house, where he stole a gun (my online friend had no idea he was going to do this). Then the thief, when they caught him, told the police that this guy drove him there which resulted in a 1 year prison sentence. While in prison he got all his front teeth knocked out. He had a college degree and was working in the tech field. Now With a felony on his record he is unable to find jobs besides manual labor.

I feel so bad for my friend, he’s really a nice guy

Be careful who your friends are


Yea I know what you mean, something like that might be an issue. I’m a degenerate but I’m not a criminal or anything

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