I’m back so quick tho

Sorry for leaving so abruptly the other night

I’m not advertising my Instagram. But I started using Instagram. And I asked this cleaning girl for her Instagram. We exchanged but I followed her on the wrong account. She followed me back on the wrong account

PS my new diagnosis is officially “DDNOS” [dissociative disorder not otherwise specified]

My therapist said she can diagnose axis 1-5 and that’s the diagnosis for me.

Anyone know about this DX


No I don’t know about it much except that I feel I have a mild version of it to say the least.

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I’ve researched it, Jon.
typically happens from a traumatic experience,
childhood, or could be adult, I guess.

wondering, cuz I think outloud to myself,
in 3rd person.

seems a carryover condition along with sz.

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She said I’d be DID but I don’t have much amnesia between my alters :sweat_smile:

So that disqualifies me for “DID” but not for ddnos which is pretty much a dissociative disorder (caused by traUma) where they don’t have a name for yet

I said it should be called Shalik Stovall disorder. Which was the made-up name of my first alter. Lol well that’s a bit grandiose. Ddnos is most appropriate. Shalik Stovall isn’t a real person but he was :thinking: for a number of years

We could cite more depersonalization, dissociation and alters throughout the years.

But he was my main one. While Jon shrunk to near nothingness. Shalik became greater over the years

Until I quit Shalik and tried to become ShaJon.

It’s confusing but I think I understand now.

Also she said it’s clear I have all the co morbids I thought I did also. Which is ocd, SAD, SUD, and she said PTSD too.

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I think that @Noise knows about this stuff.

Not sure if they are still about.


they never say this to the older types,
but who knows, maybe you do.

It’s ok Mae. It’s interesting But I’ve noticed a lot of DID have gender identity concerns.

I haven’t had that much but I have…. I think naltrexone really helps me find one entity that dominates my core.

I’ve had less and less identity disorder since starting naltrexone

I’ve always been a straight man. But , I’ve had minor thoughts of being both of the main genders.

I’m not sure if it’s the same disorder but I used to “imagine I was” every person who walked by.

I was men, women, tall, short, skinny, fat, old, young, different diseases, couldn’t even ‘walk’ in some of those ppls shoes

It was more like OCD. and I stopped doing it when I lost my mind/consciousness and became de realized from drug abuse and the bad habit of trying be everybody else

I think you can recover from this. But it’s not easy. That’s for sure.

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