I’m back. Miss me

I know you are all wondering. What the most hardcore damaged schizophrenic that never took his clozapine and lived half his life in psychosis has been doing. Well I gave up on that stem cell treatment. I got an appointment with a specialist to get my sex drive back I’ve been answering questions on brain damage on quora but actually things do seem to be improving. I’ll let you know if brain damage actually really can get better. They say it cant. Be done But I can do it. I was brain damaged. I already know that the brain can get better from pretty severe damage. Anyway. That’s all I have to say. Yes I am a hardcore schizophrenic. I’m in the upper echelons of schizophrenic legends from generation x Hi everyone. Oh yeah today I became really worried about my intelligence level. Extreme psychosis might make you lose intelligence


The hardcore sz is back!!!

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Welcome back dear friend.

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Michigan, the state is back on the map!!! :joy:

Yeah. I’m feeling more and more peace. Now I need pleasure.

Take care and stay healthy.

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