I’m a little concerned


I feel like my voices have their own thoughts.

Like, it’s weird. My voices don’t say much, just a load of machine noises, phrases on repeat and garbled sound, sometimes they’ll call my name or laugh.

Whenever they start up… thoughts creep into my head that I don’t normally think. I mean nothing is telling me to die but I suddenly feel like it when sounds get stuck on repeat or I hear what sounds like a full cafeteria. Or, nothings telling me to cut, but it becomes a “brilliant idea” when the auditory hallucinations start up.

Is this weird? Am I hallucinating? Do voices have their own thought patterns?

I’m sorry if that didn’t make any sense


are you not taking meds?


I am, just got upped to 120mg Latuda and lithium
I think it’s not enough, they’re intense cravings to do harm to myself

I resist but it feels like some part of my psyche


I feel like my voices have their own brains


Voices sap our willpower. It is as if parts of our brain suddenly woke up to a separate consciousness and stole some of our own. It is imperative to get rid of voices.

Also, do you have any deep remorse or inner conflicts? I’ll give some examples: not pursuing a specific career path in the past; not getting the girl you loved; being uncertain about your sexuality etc. Voices capitalize on those negative aspects and can drive you suicidal, which is very dangerous.


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