I’m a downer

In the way they call cows that can’t move a downer. I think they passed laws that they can’t use the meat from those animals anymore. But that’s me, can’t move can’t think. Downer

did your wife have a baby?

Yep he’s 10 months old, definitely can’t take care of him by myself, but he’s wonderful and brings a lot of joy to the home

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awww congratulations!!!

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What are you up to? Is everything okay?

I’m in bed getting ready to fall asleep, but I’ve been having major problems with fatigue and it’s starting to cloud my thoughts too. Like living in a haze

Hope you feel better

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I like the cow analogy. I work with cattle so I tend to make alot of examples because of observing them so much.

I’ve been a downer for years and had accepted it as just who I am. Just recently realized my old energetic self was judt buried under some of the weight of depression.

Changes take time but if i were you I’d try to bust some of the weight up that makes you a downer if you think you are stable enough to go through some uncomfortable moments, ups and downs and probably some judgment from others.

I take Ritalin and modafinil to combat the fatigue and I feel it keeps getting worse. It’s crazy, When I don’t take those I can’t get out of bed at all. I don’t know if I have this reaction because of lithium or invega but it’s just about as bad as it’s ever been. I’m not sure what to do. I tell my dr and he has no ideas

I’d say it is probably the meds. You should try pushing yourself with exercise and get your blood pumping.
I’m lucky enough to not be required to take meds right now. But I honestly need ritalin or adderall and something to sedate me at the end of the day.

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