I’m a coward tw

I used to be able to cut deep and not feel a thing. Tonight the voices demanded that I cut and when I did I couldn’t do much damage. It hurt too much and I was scared to do too much harm to myself. I suppose this is a good thing to have happen I just find it weird. The voices aren’t satisfied that I didn’t cut badly, I don’t know how to appease them. I just want some peace.

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Have you been taking your medication? The best way to deal with symptoms is medication, rather than trying to make the voices happy.

I’m sorry you are going through this.


Why do you obey them?

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Yeah, that’s a good thing that you were not able to cut deep. Try not to listen to the voices. Cutting yourself doesn’t solve anything. Sorry you had to go through this.


They get worse when I ignore them

I have been taking my meds like I’m supposed to. I always deal with breakthrough symptoms

I don’t have voices, so I can’t directly relate. Are you going through a more stressful time than normal? Do you know what triggers your breakthrough symptoms?

Maybe you need a PRN to take if you have breakthrough symptoms. Definitely tell your pdoc about this and ask for solutions.

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If you start cutting again call your emergency line or go to the hospital.

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I have Loxapine I can take extra as a prn. I should have done that before I started cutting.


I can’t go to the hospital I can’t afford to miss work

It sounds like you’re a danger to yourself. You should go to the ER

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ah it is hard when the voices tell you to cut yourself… i had that too… it’s hard to ignore huh.

But i also think you should go to the ER or call your pdoc or gp doc… if it keeps lingering…

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I packed a hospital go bag. If things get worse I’ll go.

Sometimes they are strong push’s and you cant help it

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