"I love you." What does it mean?

Generally, “I love you,” is an attempt to define a relationship, including things you’re expected to do.


I love you too!


It means you have the person in your heart. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I just heard a politician end his talk with, “I love you.” That’s why I ask.


It depends who is saying it…family , freinds, romantic involvements, strangers…it all varies.


I love you all too.


My mouth never forms the words. It used to mean I wanted someone to stay with me.


I had a woman tell me she loved me for the first time in the middle of sex after about 3 months of dating, it was awkward because I didn’t feel like I loved her. I had to stumble out some words, I can’t remember what I said, something like I like you but I’m not quite there yet, then I continued having sex with her, lol. I mean I liked her, she was hot, she was a Hooters waitress, but she wasn’t that bright and sometimes she would go on about stupid sh*t I didn’t care about, it got on my nerves at times. I weighed the pros and cons and eventually I broke up with her.


It’s at it’s best a compromise.


The context really varies by who is saying it.


I’ve been married/divorced twice, and I still don’t know. I don’t think I’m wired that way.

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I went to a men’s group at a local church. We decided men have four basic feelings: mad, sad, glad, and horny.



@Headspark ! I just couldn’t stop laughing after reading your whole post about that waitress. It literally had me rolling in the aisles, as they say!

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Men tell me they love me online all the time.
I tell them.i love them.back.
To me its quite subjective and a personal interpretation. It may mean one thing to you and something else to another.

It depends on the situation. When I say “I love you” to my aging Mom at the end of a phone call it’s in case I never talk to her again. When my step-father said it when my Mom got on to him because he was a never do well it was an artificial effort to get off the hook.

Hmm. . .

I Love You.

Young Couple Starry Eye’d In Grace And Purity.

Older Married Couple Holding Hands As They Walk Into A Doctor’s Office.

In The Morning, ‘I Love You’.

In The Evening, ‘I Love You’.

Sometimes What’s Left Unsaid Is What Touches The Gentle Heart The Most.

It Whispers In The Shadow. From The Moon To The Sun. Constellations And Wonder.

I Heard It.

And I Even Said It.

And When Some People Say It.

They Actually Mean It.

So, Next Time You Are Wandering Without One By Your Side.

Watch The Breeze Rustling The Trees.

For They Even Say Those Words Towards The Stepping Stones Of Discovery.

Like Dreaming Daydreams. And Eerily, Creepy Thing’s!.



unity 6759765976

I just think it means I like you. Same thing.

I still don’t know that

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Some peeps are rather careless with their “I love you’s.”

I don’t say it unless I mean it.