I love this song

Back in 1999 when I knew that my life was ■■■■■■ up in America, I started listening this song every day and so I went over troubled waters.


I love Simon and Garfunkel. This one gets me through the tough times. Maybe it’s because Van Gogh suffered from some kind of schizophrenia.

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That’s a beautiful song. One of my favorite paintings is this ‘Scream’.

It’s amazing how much a painting can say. That one reminds me of how I feel sometimes.

Edward Munch felt that he was mad for few years after painting this painting.

Soo, did he become mad because he painted it or did he paint it because he was mad?

I’ve always liked that painting. In fifth grade we were given as an assignment the task of writing a few pages about what the meaning of this painting was. I failed the assignment, I got an F but then this was one of many ways the 23 year old teacher found in which to bully me at every turn…

But I still like that painting. Had a print on my wall at one point ages ago.

Do you remember what you wrote?

Well it was a very long time ago but I seem to remember linking his horror with those two figures behind him, being followed perhaps?

With this particular teacher what I wrote was irrelevant though. I remember him giving us the assignment of interpreting a particular song by Pearl Jam and he gave me a failing grade on that assignment as well. His problem with me was that I am not mathematically inclined to say the least and he believed that unless one excelled at all academic subjects then one should not have been attending this particular school.

I’m sorry you had such a bad teacher. They should encourage children, not tear them down.