I love this job

Right now I can come and go in as I please as long as the hours are written down. Also more staff coming in next week so that might be difficult then but still 4 hours a day I love it !!!


I work for government


Slay queenimage

Only in America :joy:

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Except I’m not in America

:stuck_out_tongue:Exactly. Ooooops sorrrry

No worries I’m glad

Glad about your outfit?

Enjoy your job, my job is pretty intense and hard

I cant even work…!!!

Are you in Canada?

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Nope she is in england…!!! Sorry ish…!!!


England :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: how come?

Why you sorry ?

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I’m afraid of the Canadian government so i just wanted to feel safe

@FatMama I work in the health sector plus I have no power or authority to do anything. I’m just admin :thinking:

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Ish, congrats. Seems like everything is finally coming together for ya. Hugs.

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So happy for you!

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