I love the haredim, the ultra orthodox Jews, hate the rest of Israel

I hate all the rest.
And the stricter the Haredim, the more I love them.
I hate everyone who is not strongly haredi.

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I’m sorry that you’re experiencing hate. I don’t like hate, it feels yucky.


My ideology is driven by GOD, and not by feelings.

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Is God a hater?

Sorry, but I can’t support separation of men and women in public. So wrong.


No to that.

I’m American,

And Jewish,

I’m just not on board with that belief system.

I hate that you hate that.


IMHO - we would do well to close this thread.


U should love every religion …i know u pay religious tolerance to all the religion equally …!!!

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Erez is having a moment.

I don’t believe in God or in any religion but I don’t hate people who do. Anyway I usually hate nobody. Hating is very negative for yourself, for your psychological health.

The etymology of the word Haredi is interesting. Translated as “one who trembles” and rather similar to the word Quaker. (from Wikipedia)

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you sound like a terrorist…don’t hate…love your neighbor as you would love yourself.


I second…

Do you mean a joking type of hate or do you actually hate everybody else? I’m not haredi whatever that is so I guess that means you hate me?