I love 'normies" but they are making it so I can't drive

Bottom line. It’s sim[le. I let the damn teenagers distract me with there games and fooling around. Now I;m so scattered that I don’t know up from down. It’s especially hard in a city where everybody is crammed together.

End of post-Superbowl rant. My next rant is due after the World Series ends.

But I went to a great birthday party today. My Grand-neices who are twins just turned one years old.
My nephew through a party in a park to celebrate it, but the girls had no clue as to what was happening, lol.
The girls are really cute. (so is my nephews wife by the way and it doesn’t hurt to sneak glances at her behind once every half-hour, lol). But yeah, the people at the party were real nice, I talked to a bunch of them. Some of them I recognized from prior parties and they were eager to talk to me. It was fun with good food, lots of laughter, and I learned a little too.

The drive was an hour up U.S. 101 past San Francisco. It was nice weather and I stopped along the way home and bought something to drink at Walgreens in some city I had never been in before. I’m not a violent person but if you pressured me to tell the truth, it made me happy to scare some grown adults who were messing with me in that strange city. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It makes me happier to be nice then it does to scare people. I would rather be kind to kids, tolerant of teenagers, and treat other adults as equals if they don’t bother me. Like the Late John Lennon said,
Quote " The world is just a little town, with everybody trying to hold their own ground".
Anyway, fun time in the park in the sun today. Tonight I will work on my paper for my class and revel in my own greatness, lol. Cheers folks.


I can’t remember last time I went to party.

If you are at the right party, they are actually pretty fun. The parties I wernt to in high school were a bunch of drunk threatening high school jerks and going to those was a little dicey and it was a gamble at best to go to one. They weren’t as fun as the occasional parties I go to know. I went to a lot of parties in school days but girls didn’t want to have anything to do with me so it was usually just walking around getting drunk and making a fool out of myself. I don’t need that kind of fun. Give me a party with women my age who just want to talk and laugh and are mature enough to be nice and I’ll take that over high school parties any day. But the occasional parties I go to now are with my two sisters and their friends. No one wants to cause any trouble, there’s drinks but no one gets drunk, and it is just a bunch of friendly people talking with a little food thrown in.

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