I love my walls- a phoam

I love my walls
And they love me back
I know
I hung pictures and curtains on them
And a TV controller
that’s important
for he won’t get lost
that’s good

I walk around all day
My white nightgown fits like a set
To my wight walls
how nice

On Sunday I went out to buy milk and cigarettes
There were people outside
Ugly and angry
I finished buying and went straight back inside
To my walls
How good

Yesterday when I spoke to one wall
Between the kitchen and living room
He listened patiently
I think I fell in love with him
I hugged him
And very soon
We kissed
At first gently
Then a French kiss
He hugged me and I hugged him
But we didn’t have sex
I’m not ready yet
that’s hot

If they draw with a pencil on a paper
My daily route
Between the walls
They will see that I am walking three kilometers a day
At an hour’s speed
And the ribbon will be very similar
A bird’s flight
Only with a closed track
And a little square


I never saw walls that way before. It’s interesting.

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