I love my grandbabies but I need a break sometimes

I’m spending all day here everyday is getting stressful. Sometimes I need a break. I know it’s hard on my son in law right now so I’m doing my best but it’s hard. Especially when my grandson cries all the time. He’s a very unhappy baby and just cries a lot, well not cries but yells. I don’t know if it’s teeth or temperament.

Then of course a 2 year old is just hard to keep up with no matter what. I wish I had more toys here for them to play with, all their toys are in storage and I only have a few things for them and they’re pretty bored with them. I need arts and crafts stuff for the 2 year old, that would be awesome. She would have so much fun. And the baby needs some things he can learn to grab and manipulate safely.

They’ll be here today. I’ll ask their dad to take me to the Dollar General to see what toys they have there that would be appropriate and get some stuff for the kids. At least today it will keep them occupied if nothing else then I can order some educational stuff online.


You sound like a great grandma leafy. Just remember to take care of yourself and get some rest in. We can’t be of much help to others if we are not taking care of ourselves.

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Getting the toys is a good idea. How old are your grandkids?

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2 1/2 yrs and 10 months old. I honestly don’t know if Dollar General will have anything I might have to go to Rite Aid. Those are the only two stores we have. We live in a tiny town.

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I know it’s hard on you,

Even though you love them so much.

You’re just trying to take some of the burden off your son in law and that’s super sweet.

Any news on your daughter?

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My daughter is an absent parent. She is being irresponsible. She was struggling in her role as a wife and a mom. She’s much happier now.

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How is your son in law holding up?

Do you think she’ll surrender the children to him?

Sorry to ask so many questions,

I’m just concerned about your situation.

It really sucks that your daughter couldn’t handle being a wife/mother and just ditched them.

There are other ways to handle that situation better.

I guess it’s good she’s happy now,

Just wish it didn’t come at such an expense.

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They may not have safe enough toys at the dollar store but I’m not sure. I only say that because of how little they are. Well, enjoy them while you have them. Kids are so great. I just love them.

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Yes, I would rather him have the kids. He’s better mentally suited to handle parenthood. She’s not able to handle it and will do damage I’m afraid. I think she’ll fight him but I don’t think she’ll win. They might both lose custody I’m not sure. They are in a bad situation.

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Sorry, @Leaf.

That’s a real tough situation.

I hope things improve for you and your family.

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Thank you @anon54386108

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Get them crayons and a huge roll of paper. Lay it on the floor. Also save card boxes and have them decorate them. They can turn them into whatever they want. Very cheap entertainment.

Everyone needs breaks from children. Don’t feel guilty.


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