I love my frog he/she is so cute

I fed jasper today,he/she is getting so big now he eats large hornworms, and night crawlers. I say he/she because jasper is still too young to tell gender.


What kind of frog is Jasper? How big is he/she? Does Jasper have his own aquarium?
Jasper sure is cute!

There’s a kind of frog that lives in Alaska that has blood like antifreeze. In the Winter the frog freezes solid and then comes back to life in the Spring. I don’t know it’s name, tho.


Google says Alaskan tree/wood frog.


Jasper is a Pac man frog also called a cranwalli there are different kinds of Pac man frogs I want an ornate someday but that can wait. Some Pac man frogs are aggressive but so far jasper is pretty mellow.

I’ve seen videos and photos of that Alaskan frog but I don’t know what they are called.

Jasper is a bit bigger than an American 50 cent piece. If jasper is female they get between 5-7 inches and if male between 3.5 and 5 inches. The only way to tell is by time they are 6 months old males develop a dark pad on their front leg on their hand I guess you can call it that.

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That’s too cool! You know a lot about frogs!


That frog is beautiful. Keeping a terrarium must be a very fulfilling hobby.


I want to start a bioactive Viv, but everything for that costs about 100 usd cheaper if I buy from a organic place


Love your pet frog, admire you for your devotion to the animals you take care of, and I hope you will continue to feel better on your meds @cbbrown. :blush:


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