I love it.....When A

plan comes together…

So got rid of the car and got in some cool flooring. It’s good so will order more and it’s nice and soft and about 1/2 an inch thick for my side of the garage. Been doing weights everyday. Did some legs today which I’ve been slack on but feeling fine.

Still a lot of work and you can see the mess in our garage. Going to get a skip in and get rid of all that rubbish we’ve built up over the years…then I’ll have a cooler space…


Liking the 80’s A team reference(I’m assuming anyway). Congrats on your plans working out. Your daily workouts are an inspiration to those of us who are still quite overweight and unmotivated. It says to us that it CAN be done despite, sz, negatives and medication.
Hope that you get all the physical benefits that you desire.


Looks very professional!

Good luck with the training.

I have never really used weights before, but be careful you don’t over do it!


Have fun exercising. I think the clozapine would help me gain some muscle but I haven’t tried any weight lifting.

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@Bowens on point as usual. I love it when a plan comes together was totally stollen off of that show. Funny stuff but we’re pretty well same age so it’s no surprise! :slight_smile:

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