I love human beings

I do, I have ever since I met Father his love is contagious. I think people are so cute, just like any other animal. I love how complex humans are and how unique everyone’s experiences are and stories they have to tell. I think it’s hard to put into words really all of the reasons why I adore people but I do. People have always thought I was crazy for that and even said things like I had mental problems for expressing these feelings. That’s so messed up to me. I think it’s popular to “hate people”. I hate that. We should love each other. I don’t think that’s crazy.


I love and pity all beings…


Yeah I think it is popular to hate people. Occasionally I feel how you describe, but it doesn’t last that long for me. Maybe when listening to certain good music I could feel that may.


Sure, people are cool, nice and interesting lots of the time. People at work are great, it makes the job more palpable. Someone can piss me off and spoil my mood but ten minutes later someone else can be really nice and bring me back up.


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