I lost the bet...$100

I bet my dad $100 that I would be enrolled by the spring semester. that was when I was just going back to school to please my mom and give myself something to do. I was planning on taking business administration program but was never very enthusiastic about it, as I was basically doing it at mom’s suggestion. so anyways the whole thing came to head and I decided I wasn’t really into business. im happy to lose the $100 bet to my dad.

Im not ruling out a degree program at some point in the future, probably horticulture, something i’d be more interested in career wise. I like my outside time, don’t want to spend my days at a desk. but i’m going to put it off for a little while. I plan to do some independent study on soil science, brush up on my biology, and get into horticulture textbooks. that’s it.


My dad never accepts money bets. He rarely ever borrows a dime either. But he has been known to lend money lavishly to close friends or family, even though he’s not rich.

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Remember those silly child fights, about whose dad is more awesome? :joy:

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It’s a good idea to do something you like. I hope your self study helps prepare you :). Good luck :slight_smile:


i think the only time my dad bet me money was, he bet me 2 bucks I couldnt walk across the top of the swingset beam at our house. I was like 10 years old, I did it. I got dat 2 bucks yo :sunglasses:


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