I lost the ability to read ‘properly’

My memory and concentration are big issues with this as is my ability to comprehend things, especially complex ideas.

In addition when things are bad words will move around the page to spell out secret messages for me


Back when I was first learning to read I did not practice much and I never learned to pick up the words and ideas visually. I must verbalize everything I read in order to remember it at all.
Furthermore, when I sit and think, all of my thoughts are verbalized inside my head. When I listen to myself really carefully, I notice I double clutch–I think a thought and then I verbalize it. Also when I talk, I think exactly what I am going to say just before I say it.
This verbalization is a way to keep me under control in a severe way. If my perception is correct, the spirit world owes me an apology someday. This is an infringement on my freedom.

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I suffer a short attention span and other cognitive issues. Whike I can read fluently, my reading comprehension and retention are quite bad. I also cannot focus or concentrate while reading, often only glancing at what is on the page.

I hope we can both get better!

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