I lost my hope

After this 400mg Abilify injection I noticed I am “nothing” again, my activity is null and I have trouble with the hygiene. I am intellectually dead. This medicine was my last hope now I realize it is all the same thing basically, initially they seem to do something these medicines but then they do nothing. When hope does exist we feel much more suicidal. This is all propaganda, a little bit of this and that, and in the end it takes nowhere. Or Abilify works better in a lower dosage or polipharmacy is better, I was doing better on Xeplion and Abilify, now I feel a loser again.


Meds don’t give us something we have to give ourselves.
They help us, not make us.

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What would you do if you could not do the things you used to do?

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I’d do something else.


I’m sorry you’re not feeling well.

You feel sedated? I’ve changed APs many times over the years because the AP seemed to be less effective over time. Maybe those receptors can only be stimulated for so long…idk.

Things will get better. Never lose hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. :heart:

Hi @kindness, thanks for your reply.

I feel my intellectual function is in decline, I am not specifically sedated, although, I sleep more than usual. With Abilify initially I was almost the same as before schizophrenia, I could compose and play my instrument again, I started to write a lot and memorizing, I was making many questions, I became very curious and avid to learn, but then all this disappeared. To have an intellectual life is very important to me even if I do not work in a strict sense. Now I am just a guy in a bed all day again, or a guy walking around the house without a purpose. There is such a big difference, I can`t believe I am like this again.

Many thanks for your kind words.

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I totally understand what you’re saying about cognition because I’ve gone through that. Have you told your pdoc about this? If not, of course you should. Maybe you can go back to Abilify capsules? Why were you changed to the injection, if you don’t mind me asking?

This can certainly be fixed.


I am on injectable because capsules usually cause me disturb in the gut, this way I have not these problems, on the other hand my Pdoc believes he can prevent me relapses with an injectable. In fact, I never missed a dose of any medicine, I am very responsible. I believe the “secret” of Abilify effectiveness resides on dosage. Since I am a patient with several hospitalizations my Pdoc thinks I need high dosages. I have an experience on 5mg of Abilify capsules (not enough for gut disturbance) and 150mg of Xeplion (Invega), I was functioning better, that`s the experience I can report to you. The sleep patterns were very different, it is important to control them. Poor sleep also makes people tired and less efficient.

I expect to go “back to life” again, but I think I really need some adjustments.
Many Thanks.