I lost it, Ooops

I lost it.
It was really that shittye.
My cat had tics.
Its all my fault… But i printed my receipts and my paranoid is off. The bank fixed my billpay, and i told them thank u.
I read a hard post, but i will live today.
Because everyone is special and i like it that way.
My neighbor is acting weird. He really is.
But my door is locked, and i am safe in here.


I hope you feel better soon

I hope my kitty does. I fed her some canned food and she went to sleep. :sleeping:

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My neighbor called for the third time today, and i told him im having a quiet time at home tonight. My neighbors and i are all low income and most of them use recreationally. It scares me that they do. Im just not very interested, but i can get lonely. Its sad.

I’m sorry you’re lonely. It’s too bad they’re using drugs. Do you have anyone you can hang with at all?


Glad your ok now. Don’t get lonely hun you will be ok

Im working on it. I go to the library.


Hang in there @Swimmy

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