I look like my face left my head

I can’t seem to shake off defeatist thoughts of pedophilia. It’s making me feel ready to die. This is something I feel every fall when the weather gets chilly. So, I don’t mean to be an alarmist about it.

What kind of thoughts? Sexual content? Or just thoughts saying that you’re a pedophile without any reason?

I’m a victim. I just feel it’s an epidemic that has the human race falling on its face.

You feel bad about it, so you are not a pedophile.
Are these intrusive thoughts?

I hope you find a professional you trust to help you with all the emotional trauma you are still dealing with Chordy. At your fine age you should be living a well deserved peaceful existence, not being tormented by your past.

My most intrusive thought now is that I’m already dead.

Cotard delusion? How that makes you feel?

I did not know the name for it. It makes me feel like an air head.

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