I look healthier than I’ve looked in a decade

12 days sober today. I think this picture will truly show. I look like a fairly handsome normal looking 20 year old imo. You wouldn’t have a clue I’m an alcoholic addict schizoaffective fiend!! Alas I’m 28 and all that! Amazing :wink: .


I feeel healthier. I think I look healthier too.


I think I will live in the sober house long-term… Like two years. The rent is 292 a week …Which is very cheap for around here, sober house or not. It’s in such a nice area and you don’t have to pay for utilities. Yes flatscreen TVs with movie channels in every room. You don’t have to worry about running up the heating bill. And electricity. You’re around people all the time. The only bad part is two people have died since I’ve moved in living in the house. My plan is next time I move into my own apartment, I will be making enough money and have enough saved up that I won’t need my parents anymore. It’s a realistic goal because I get a good SSDI check so a part-time job plus SSDI is enough for me to live off of!


Looking great! :slight_smile:


Thanks :pray: @WildBandicoot I always enjoy your posts!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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