I logged out yet continued to receive notification emails?

Is there a way to turn off all notifications? From anyone?

There are a few folks monopolizing the forum space who appear to really need professional medical help,
Not the people who contacted me while I was offline, but this is truly looking ridiculous today, I won’t mention names.

I think you can alter your notification settings in your account profile.

I had a similar issue. You have to adjust your settings in your preferences.

I found a mute category, but all the categories have to be added individually, but there’s only 6 or so. That’s easier than adding every user name to the mute users, or trying to delete all of your posts - lol

I just updated your notification settings. You shouldn’t get emails anymore.

Thank you! Must be a setting I can’t see like the tag line, or some people call it a title.

Maybe you should mute the thing that wants to mute everything. Might be better for you. Just a thought.

It seems to be muted now, I’ve had a reply, didn’t receive an email and I also don’t get those little counters on my avatar anymore. But if I click on the avatar, the reply is listed I’m just not notified.

I think I like it, a lot less stressful than receiving all those emails with a reply to a post. I like my email notification to stay on .

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I do get a counter on the avatar for a like, this now seems odd.

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You can choose “Never”. :slight_smile: