I’ll go;,the right way


I’m ready this time. It’s a jagged pill that I couldn’t make it here.

But I shouldn’t have treated this place like therapy. Definitely if you would please anonymize my posts I think that is best.

I understand the Two week rule; and will be back.

We’d all really prefer that you stay!



Good luck @anon64158233

I hope if you find you need to come back you can do so. I am sure there will be no grudges held by anyone unless I missed something seriously bad!

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It’s difficult to go, bc the child in you always wants to go with a splash, and not a whimper. Especially when you feel you’re within bounds. I’m not going to gossip any more than that (I hope) lol.

I didn’t see this!!

Wow both of you… I thought I had not resonated with either of you! I basically need to learn how the Internet works and not be impatient and overly sensitive.

Also I may be learning disabled on risk taking. That didn’t/doesn’t serve me.

Farah Fawcett once said “Risk is what makes life beautiful”. And many have said that.

(I once thought if you walked a high enough tight rope; you would never need the safety net. I now know that’s NOT the case.) Yikes on/for me.

I’ll do much better!!