I’ll be poor forever

Some companies will pay for your schooling if you work for them. Then you could work on getting a license or degree for free while you also work.


most people are stuck working till they die. you just gotta find something you like about work, you dont have to love it just something positive you can look to.

You might consider getting some kind of trade. You’ll make a lot more money. When I was in my early twenties and fresh out of the army I was working out of a temporary agency. I got on working for this old man doing brickwork. He had an established business, and his health was failing. I probably could have taken over his business. I could have gone to the vo-tech and gotten a certificate in bricklaying. If I did that, and got on as a fireman for the benefits I could have made a nice life for myself. But I never would have been happy unless I was doing intellectual work. You might think about getting on as a fireman. The pay isn’t that good, but you’d get good benefits and a good pension.


I’m making sure I don’t die poor. I don’t think I’ll be rich but my goal is to have a million by the time I’m 60. I’m very scared of my future because of this illness. Still living with my parents.


I’d suggest aiming higher. You may surprise yourself.


Lots of solid advice on this thread.

I really recommend learning a trade at a community college.

A lot of those types of schools offer certificates in trades like accounting and computer support. Good work that can often be done from home.

Sometimes poverty is a state of mind. You just have to be a little creative to figure a way out.


Tech jobs will always be in high demand, you can learn programming free from or khan academy, you can do YouTube or many things. Things are changing you can work a job you don’t hate and make good money. But there’s also nothing wrong with simple jobs, money is just pieces of paper printed by corrupt governments, don’t get too down on yourself for not having a bunch of it.

khanacademy is great for learning math. I learned math from grade 5 through algebra 2, and just working through the precalculus module now. I did that over the course of the last 4 years.
It takes a lot of self motivation to work through it all