I lived for too long in my head. Who else?

Yes, its the case… The isolation and the despair made their damages too.
The hard part now is my psychosomatic pains. When I feel pain, its unbearable. Only benzos help then. But I cant take them long term :confused:
Will Zyprexa be able to get me out of my head slowly with the time?
I feel strange sometimes. Like today I thought I would die(my paranoia was like this)… I literally had the fear of dying, it wasn’t human, it was hell… It feels also like my brain wakes up sometimes, but sometimes he wakes up a bit too much…


I don’t obsess or have racing thoughts much anymore on zyprexa. It’s a good med for some and I’d be one of them.

I know what your saying. I thought too much about every little thing for years. It was so tiring. It really was.

These days, after over 10 years on the same meds, I feel so much better. Slower and dumber for sure…but that isn’t a bad price to pay!

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I know what you were saying, when I was on Risperidol, I felt the same. Now I’m on Amisulpride, I don’t feel slower and dumber, but I feel extremely tired. I think extreme fatigue is also a type of disability.

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Ive lived in my head most of my life. Risperidone has me out of my head and for the msot part it is a relief though i do miss it sometimes. Mindful meditation helps though, i can still work through and process my emotions that way.

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