I live such a good life, it seems unfair

I am quite content. Granted I don’t have much left over after expenses but I include my contentment in that budget. I wish everyone had a nice place to live that they enjoy.
I would be very upset if things weren’t so. I don’t like surprises usually, they aren’t good ones.
I’m so surprised I have a pnurse and that my general doctor would see me in the new year (the 2nd actually!). Sometimes you just have to ask the right way.
I’m so excited for boxing day. That’s when we’ll have the family get together.


I’m glad things are going contently for you and that your doctor and pnurse will be seeing you in the New Year. Have a good boxing day.

I’m glad to have a place to live too. I have many items and don’t want for a lot, though there’s always room for one more book!..Okay, not quite. :thinking: :books:


It is always nice to hear something positive. Thanks for sharing that.



I feel the same. Since my med switch and inheritance life is surprisingly good. I have no complaints. Have had shingles the past couple weeks, but told my therapist that I have it way to easy. I need to go to day treatment though so I don’t get as bored as I can at home when not much is going on.


Yeah I love my life and existence but I struggled and did poorly for years. Swings and roundabouts and it is said that experiencing the bad makes you appreciate the good!

I really do appreciate what little I have financially…but what great things I have emotionally with friends and family. It’s a good life so not complaining.

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I am so thankful that I can work and money has never been an issue. My job is super laid back too, don’t deal with people hardly at all. Got to count our lucky stars.

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