I live in my bed

I’m okay with it. How can I not?

Ok. But i did 50 push ups. Got some food. And came back on my bed.

This is it. Rinse. Repeat.

Not feeling sorry for myself. I did the push ups. Got food.


If I’m not at the computer or writing table, you’ll find me in bed.


Sometimes I feel like going to bed for the rest of my life. I’d just stay there.


I did another 50 Push-ups

I think i over did it - body feels bad. Exhausted.

Need to do less.
I was thinking I’m suffering in bed.
Why not suffer while getting things done.
But its not the same.


Do you play any group sports or game?
I remember once I went to the gym after football,
the gym trainer said if your are playing football,
why do you want to come to the gym that it self is a good workout.
This was before dx’d.
At present,
Here there are apps to book court and play with random people,
I usually play badminton (lesser price) but this Saturday played football, scored four goals.
Planing to play next Saturday as well,
But yes people do think different if we don’t talk,
so I keep it to the minimal with respect to talks.
Group activity is really important,
True first few years I was on bed too,
don’t worry make peace with self, like you said yesterday.
“This is me and doing the things I am capable of”


50 push-ups is heaps.

I can do four if I struggle with it.
Push-ups are so hard.

I live in my bed today and most days.
Sometimes I’m on my couch.

I quit the gym so there are not many reasons for me to go out except my fur babies, grocery shopping or shopping.

I don’t want to be out among people.

I definitely ain’t a socialite.

Can’t stand being around most people and way they treat me or vibe at me is not ok.

I was told there are people in the world who appreciate me.
Maybe some in my country even.
I’m a minority.

I am in bed as I write this.

Do you do other exercises apart from push ups?

You sound very fit.

I don’t know if I will be able to get myself to exercise.

I plan on not going out much.
Even less than previously.

In Gold Coast I felt all alone from society and it’s a big that way …
But I have a different beliefs than majority.

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I spend a lot of time in my lazy boy, however me and my girlfriend started a diet ---- mine consists of beans, wheat and veggies and salad


I spend most of my day on the couch and in bed.


I play overwatch - Its team based on the xbox - with people talking on the mic.

I do not participate in the talking. I wish I could - it would make winning easier as they speak strategy.

But I do not like the gym or sports.


You can do it. I don’t know how I did 50. It wasn’t that hard.
I am 30 lbs overweight. Actually I lost 10 lbs recently so I am 20+lbs - which I seem to can’t lose.

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I have spent year or two year periods in the bed before. I manage to work my way out of it. Currently I’m in a sofa mode, almost as bad, but at least I usually get dressed, bathed, stay engaged and out of my own head.

I know it can be hard to stay in bed but you are reaching out to people and are connecting, that’s a big plus you’ve got going for you. You aren’t totally isolating. And the push-ups are really good, well the first 50, lol.

Do you take an ad? Maybe add one, or increase your dose. They can sometimes change our activity level.

@leafy - BTW you have nice furniture - I been in bed for about 3 years. I have gone out on road trips to pick up my chihuahua last year and sometimes have to see my niece and nephews. But 95% for sure in bed. I am for the first time trying to do something different. I been a negative symptom complainer on the forum lately and realize theres nothing that can be done but just deal with it. So now I am going to be functional and see how it goes.

@ThePoet had some tips that made big sense so I am gonna try to stay in bed but get things done. Like the pushups were just a few minutes right next to the bed.


Thank you.

Oh good, it’s sounds like you’re making positive things happen. That’s really good to hear.


I see dude thats smart. Take it easy man you must need rest

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You’ve got a dog. That’s a great excuse to go for walks!

I love walking. Am about to leave for a new one.

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i can barely do 5 pushups. when i went on geodon and my weight dropped to 185 i could do way more. but at almost 350 on olanzapine it is like trying to bench press an elephant, i am the elephant

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@cigarino that was funny :smile:

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@Kxev i don’t know maybe keep trying small changes, try different things
It seems sad that you can’t get out of bed
Sorry mate i don’t know
I have anxiety paranoia sz etc but were all different, i have to get out otherwise i feel like I’ll explode

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