I live casual life

No need to be competative


Nothing wrong with a casual life …


I try to eliminate as much stress as I can in my life.


I wish the sz would allow me to be casual. Damn anxiety.

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I want to be competitive in FPS games again. That’s when I felt quite alive.

Problem is it wrecked my elbows.

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Happens…sports require

I like a bit of competition. Keep you on your toes and playing competitive cricket at 50 gives me a reason to get fit.

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Casual is great. I got so much more time doing nothing and resting my brain and meditate. I have delusions of grandeur. Compliments like " you are a legend" drive me insane.

im stupid i dont have life at all,i remmeber is much as i can,my memory is just too poor.because of anxiety.

I don’t mean to compare but how can I not compare when my sister talks about herself to me, is right in front of me, and we are nearly the same age?

Isn’t it only natural to compare to a degree?

So I do kind of feel driven to improve because of that comparison, though that is not my main drive for improvement, or growth

maybe its all in my head.

Yes it is natural to compare, but imo only as a means of determining what not to do. Like learn from others mistakes. Don’t play catch up, it is pretty soul sucking.

I mean I know I will never be her. I am unique, the one and only me. But there’s certain things specific things she has that I feel I can attain. Like her weight. I want to be even slimmer. Actually.

not good to compare,be who you wana be.

I’ve always been as casual as possible. I was casual as possible in the army, which meant sometimes I butt heads with the sticklers for military discipline. I did perform well out in the field, though. One time I carried an M-60 machine the entire distance on a twelve mile rapid march that my squad leader passed out on.

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If you don’t glean ideas of what to be from other people, how will you be anything? Like growing with no mentors?

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Some children in foreign countries survive in the streets with no guidance at all.

They have elders that teach them the ropes.

Some children are smarter than the others and accept them as leaders. Some accept bullies for protection.

I may have some delusions of grandeur too. I wish someone would call me a legend in real life! I am surrounded by classmates on Facebook with career success. I went to high school with Rami Malek who starred as Freddie Mercury in the movie about his life. I will probably never do anything bragworthy like that.

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