I listen to NPR most mornings, but

They interview certain people who end every statement in a question,

a little lift in their voice, where there shouldn’t be any. drives me crazy.

It’s mainly women and I think it’s developed thru schools.

I caught my daughter doing it when she was 8 years old, and I told her,
You’re talking like them, don’t do that.

When I was in America in the 1990s I listened to NPR often, I liked their shows.

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Have you listened to shows of Art Bell, I listened sometimes in America, I do not know if he is still broadcasting.

the t.v. media sound like robots, and they freak me
out that they’re watching me, while I’m watching them. Today on NPR they interviewed someone with bipolar, it was touching.


I’ve taken several communications courses specifically geared towards women in the tech sector. The instructors always point this out, that having a lift at the end of a statement makes it sound more like a question and makes the speaker sound tentative and unsure rather than confident.

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