I like to get naked

I went to a nudist beach with my friend.

We were naked and went for a dip.

A cute guy talked to us but in a friendly non sexual way.


I’m the reverse. I hate the feeling of fabric bunching up on my body so when under armor shirts and leggings became popular, I went all out with them.


We were about twenty years old.

Over twenty years ago.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Been years at a beach for me too, moved away from my home area which had hundreds of lakes, here there is only a few and they are packed and the nudist beaches are far away


Me and my friends favorite beach was a topless beach. We went there a million times when we were teenagers. Actually, I think we only saw topless women about 4 different times.

Once when I was about 16 me and two friends were laying on our towels working on our tans and three girls were laying behind us and took off their bikini tops.

They were pretty nice looking. We all got excited and we were saying, “Should we over there? Should we go talk to them?” We decided to go talk to them but I was a little too excited if you know what I mean, lol.

I had to wait face down on my towel until my “excitement* died down.


haha, nick couldn’t contain himself. that’s funny. i only get half chubbed when looking at an attractive women, i have to manually make it a ‘full salute’, used to get boners just thinking about sex when i was a teenager.

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speaking of half chubbed, that reminds me of my old high school basketball teammate eric, who told everybody to chub it up for the yearly team basketball photo, he had the biggest grin on his face in the picture.

you get naked all the time playing sports. in the shower after a game or practice. i remember one time, my friend mike had a conversation with the 60 year old football coach ass naked. it’s a contest in not looking down haha. mike still has the school rushing record of 278 yards in one game.

Safety is my primary concern that’s why I always shower with a life vest on.



I wanna go to a nudist beach and just have a big boner and go up to people to talk with it

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