I like this site actually

I actually really like this site. . Why would I want to be a drug dealer? A pimp? Sell cigarettes? Exploit people? I think selling people protein powder and vitamin tablets etc is a pretty good way to make a living. , living well, getting confidence from improving themselves is always very enjoyable. Obviously the awkward/funny/irreverent threads and posts are often entertaining and provide heaps of laughs.

However, I don’t want to live as one of those scared weak people who have no principles. No morals. No sense of decency. No consideration of right, wrong, behaving in a generally appropriate/dignified way etc. I want to be one of those people that when I die the truth is I never behaved like that. I never harmed a kid. Never abused a woman. Never racially abused people for fun and thought I was doing something funny, clever, or in any way acceptable. Never hurt anyone that didn’t have it coming. I’m obviously far from perfect. I have made racist remarks in the past. I am not going to make excuses and say I was young or whatever. Racism is wrong and when I made those types of remarks myself or didn’t speak up when others did that was a failure in me. But I want to change. I want to do my best to live by some standards of decency. I want to try and carry myself in a more dignified way. We can say it’s the internet and it’s no big deal. It’s an internet forum so who cares. I use my real most of the time online. I think that is in part because I want to hold myself publicly accountable for my public behaviour. Whether people understand this yet or not the internet is a public place. It is where now, and in the future, much public discussion/communication etc is/will take place. So I have to say phuck this site and all the racists on here.

I’m not a boring guy though so it is only fitting I go out in at least a mildly exciting/spectacular way. So tell me, how should I immolate in this thread? Porn? Give me some ideas. This will be my banned thread.

It sounds like you are starting to become the change you want to see happen…

That part confuses me since I’ve been on this forum for a bit now and have never come across anything racist.


Sounds to me you’re everything you said you didn’t want to be, and then some.
Mommy, I smell those delicious troll house cookies burning in the

Nice to know. Have a wonderful day.

There is more than one troll.

i am not trying to be controversial but i don’t like the ethics and morals of the ’ daleks ', does this make me a racist !?!
on that note ’ the cybermen ’ aren’t very cuddly either !!
take care
( dark sith flies off in his spaceship to catch up with dr who…for scones , jam and cream )


A kid of yours would find you interesting.

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I maybe shouldn’t say this. But what happens when you get caught up with?

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after our morning tea of scones, jam and cream and a cup of earl grey tea, with just a dash of sugar ( we both like to live dangerously !! ).
dr who and i go on adventures together, and hatch plans to bring about the downfall of the ’ daleks '.
they are a sneaky bunch of nutters.
it is very beautiful out there in the universes, the colours are glorious, and the different species you come across and the art they create is undeniably spectacular .
we follow each other around in our spaceships his ’ tardis ’ and my black and red space freighter, it is not the largest spaceship but it is the fastest.
hope this clears things up.
take care


Sorry. My mind wanders into things I don’t really know about.