I like these cookies


Pretty good. I find these filling.

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Those look tasty.

I like the wafer/cream combo.

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I like the coffee wafer ones.

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I’ve never seen them before. Enjoy!

That looks amazing! Although I’ve never seen them… May I ask if you live in the USA

I love those things! So good.

Yes I live in the US.

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Yeah I’ve never seen them before.
They look like they’d be imported from Europe or Canada.

Loacker is an Italian company based in South Tyrol, producing wafers, chocolate and derivative products


Oh thanks @Mountainman!

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I used to buy packs of wafers like that they were 50c a piece


@see121 okay… Hmmm I know some I pick up at walmart that tastes really good they are sugar free and come in strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla… They taste sooooooo good

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