I like the religious world much more than the secular

If possible I want to study in Yeshiva.
I want to study in Yeshiva and stay there possibly my whole life.

Is that the place only for orthodox jews? I heard there was a place like that.

So you wanna be an ascetic? I think that’s the word.

I am interested in Ultra Orthodox Judaism.
Yeshiva is a place where orthodox, and much more commonly ultra orthodox men
study torah all day, including receiving room and board. This is very common,
but there are also Yeshivas where you go home to sleep.
Typically after studying in Yeshiva for some time people marry,
and then they either continue their torah studies in a kollel, which is a place where
married men study torah, or join the workforce.
I myself plan just to study Torah, I don’t intend to marry .

But in order to study in a yeshiva I need help with my schizophrenia as I have severe cognitive symptoms.


If that is what you want to do go for it. Give it a try at least.

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Thank you @SP2342 but the plan is frozen.
I can only put it out of the freezer if my schizophrenia is cured, or at least if there are effective treatments
for cognitive symptoms, as effective as for schizophrenia’s positive symptoms.
Otherwise I really need a miracle.

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A good med could help with the cognitive symptoms. Mine were pretty bad but I stayed on meds and after a year or two I noticed getting most of my cognitive abilities back. I still am not where I was but now I can hold back and forth conversations with people. I think it is psychosis that damages the brain.

Well @SP2342 what I plan to do is this:
I will go to a beit midrash near my home.
Beit midrash is a place where people study Torah.
I will try to study and see how it goes.(The beit midrash also serves as a synagogue and a kollel
and is a vibrant center for observant Jews).
In parallel I will take my med,watch my weight and diet and exercise.
If I manage to improve cognitively and get most of my potential cognitive skills,
I will head straight to Yeshivah.

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My dad says since he is Jewish, I could convert to Judaism pretty easily. I was raised catholic as my mother is catholic. But I’m 44% Jewish according to my ancestoryDNA. He says if you try to convert to Judaism the Rabbi will try to convince you not to go through with it. But for me, he would welcome me with open arms.

@Jonnybegood I will give you my perspective, which is consonant with the religious
ideology that I espouse.
I will say this:
Judaism is first and foremost a religion.
If you plan to become a religiously observant Jew and carefully observe all the commandments, go ahead.
It doesn’t matter that you weren’t born Jewish so long as you really intend to do it.
If , however, you don’t intend to observe Jewish Law I think that converting is a futile exercise.

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Thanks yeah I don’t think I’m gonna convert I just find it interesting how Judaism is more exclusive than other religions. Its something I definitely like about the religion, given that Christianity and islam wants to rule the world and convert everyone while Judaism chose to not be so big.

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Seems to me that Islam is winning though.

Actually, Christianity is the largest religion.


from Wikipedia

It all depends on who you talk to and what their worldview is.

@Erez_Shmerling I think that’s pretty awesome you want to study Torah. I have a couple copies of the Torah, one I found at a Catholic thrift-store of all places.

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