I like the Kardashian's reality tv show, I know everybody hates them

I like the Kardashian’s tv show, because I think it is entertaining. Why does a bunch of people hate the Kardashians?

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Probably because they’re airheads. Or at least they come off that way to me.


It’s fashionable to jump on the band wagon and hate the Kardashians.

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I have some of the Kardashians on my instagram. i have no friends just celebs on my instagram.

kind of a thinspiration thing

IDK when you have time on your hands, this is what you do.

not sure if i had a busy social life if it would be like this

i think i used to watch the kardashians a long time ago now i just feel like, this is boring some super rich peeps going on holidays and having arguments in their mansions, about things I cannot relate to either so when you can’t relate one bit, it gets a bit boring

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I watch the Kardashians too! I got sick of them for awhile as I would rather watch the Jenner boys. lol I never liked how they treated their mom and stepdad. Catelyn could have been spending time with her biological children but she was spending it with the Kardashians who took her for granted. It’s probably good that they are ending their show though and end the Kardashian relationship curse once and for all!

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