I like talking about karxt

How many of you saw the “one mind” talk the ceo did. Theres some information in this talk about it that hasnt been reviewed here yet


It should get approved in September. Im planning on taking it. Its based off of the aminita muscaria mushroom

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Cool thats interesting to know. Theres a whole lot of compounds in mushrooms

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Yeh, sounds interesting.

Hope it comes to uk

I’ve been thinking about KarXT a lot lately. Gives me hope for a better life from what we know so far.


What happens if you just eat beatle nut by itself, would that help schizophrenia?

Betelnut can permanently stain your teeth, but its also well known for causing mouth cancer


I’m all for putting random things in your mouth to try too help with schizophrenia, but this one sounds like a no go. :thinking:

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Two days ago I returned from the psychiatrist. Talk to him about the KarXT medication. He told me it would be in Argentina by the end of 2025. He said the side effects are ‘‘cholinergic’’ in nature. Headache, dyspepsia, constipation, nausea. He told me that he will prescribe it to me as soon as possible.
This does not decrease dopamine in the mesocortical pathway, only in the mesolimbic. Unlike current antipsychotics that block dopamine in both pathways.


Rexulti and Vraylar were both supposed to be game changers before they came out.


I’ll believe Karxt is all that when I actually see it working for people.

Ikr vraylar made me feel dead inside I’d rather be in psychosis before I went to get vraylar I was told Rexulti would not work for my severity of symptoms