I like people you can walk with

And just not really talk too much its good


Me too. …



Before you feel comfortable about having a walk with somebody you must have talked to him/her quite a lot and enjoyed it. So talking well is so critic for making friends.


A good talker gets interested in what you have to say and keeps the conversation on that track, mostly. And also is intelligent.

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Man when people start rambling and talking non stop my brain tends to just shut off because it seems ti’s too much to take in, in such a short amount of time. My step dad thinks I’m ignoring when I do this, but really it’s more like my mind wandering away from the topic. Silence is nice sometimes. Would be nice to find people like you speak of. Just people being there in the present while not talking a whole lot. You don’t have to speak to enjoy each other’s company. But being completely mute I could imagine being very difficult to make friends since they don’t speak at all(from what I know, I could be wrong on this).

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