I like old photos

Here is my father skiing in the 1950s, the number 4. He died three years ago. During his life he was a sports man. Skiing was one of his hobby.



How cool, I love black and white photography.


These are old photos. I have tried to digitize them with my phone camera. After my father died I got all old photos.

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Treasure your old photos, the older I get the more I realise this. All our old family photos were destroyed in a flood and I now have no record of my grandparents or parents in their youth.

Yes, old photos are treasures and it is good if these are passed from one generation to another. I took many photos during my travels when I lived in America in the 1990s. All actual photos went to my former wife when I went through a divorce 21 years ago, I got negatives of all photos.

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