I like my friend too much… Should I tell her? Married to gorgeous man

I’ve stopped wanting to run away with her, which felt insane

Sure I fell in love with other women one other time compares, the love of my life

I’m not even bi

I don’t know how to tell her whether I should tell her that I really lost it when I first met her
Feeling more sane now

Going going camping with her for two days tomorrow

Couple of days later she is moving hundreds of miles away so I want to stay in touch
I’m sure it will come up how much I like her though

If you do tell them, you have to understand that they are probably not going to give up their current relationship to pursue you. You would be telling them to air your feelings and that would be the objective. Not to get them into a relationship.

It can help you feel better and less repressed airing feelings. But you can’t know how they will respond so its risky. At best they will probably tell you they care for you too (but probably only as a close friend), at worst they may say you should stop seeing so much of each other etc.

Given that you are going camping with her, and she will be leaving soon, I would probably not risk it. Could make things awkward or they might cancel etc.


Yeah I understand that I think you’re right…
I’m the one married to a gorgeous man though!
Sorry for not being more clear.

I guess Airing it could be an awful idea
We’ve already told each other how wonderful we think the other one is
I suppose that’s enough I just hope i don’t put her off letting me visit her in Scotland

Such a shame I’ve only known her for about two months

Could always just have a threesome. That’s always worked out for me.



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That worked for me 20 years ago…

I’m fat my husband is asexual and I don’t even know my new friends orientation

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I think it’s just the sudden intensity that’s ■■■■■■ me up

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