I Like Music (Do YOU ?)

So yeah Jus Chullun Here ,

I Found out Long Ago That I Love Music ,

I Wonder Do You Peeps Out There ALSO Enjoy Music (???)

Decided to give these guys a better listen over the next couple hours.

I forget what that instrument is called. Lot of resonance, but it’s got that signature japanese twang.

I’ll find it here in a second


That’s A YES . ,

Yep Yep …

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Yeah that’s what it is. Sounds awesome. I wan’t to get one.

Yoshida brothers! Nice one!

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That Is Interesting soitgoes ,

N E One Else ,

Yaknow ,

Lyke Music (???)

I See You minnii ,

What Kind Of Music Do You Lyke (???)

I like all kinds of music. But now I’m listening to Leonard Cohen, you like?

Praise Tha Lord Lord Yo ,

Hallejujah (!!!)

Altho I Love Tha JEFF BUCKLEY Version …

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I Shall Ch - Ch - Check It ,

Thanks Fur Tha Lynk (!!!)

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and To Tha Restie Of Tha Community ,

Please ,

Check YES (___)

OR ,

NO (___) …

I can’t lie


Nietzsche said that without music life would be a mistake.


Jeeze Wakasabi Yo ,

Cool SonggG’s and Cool & Awesome Quote ,

Thus Is Gonna Be Tha Coolest Thread In Within Our Galaxies History ,

We Are On Our Way ,

Please Join Thus Thread ,


Also love Leonard Cohen.

OK ,

So Tha Team has Been Assembled ,

Welcome ,

1.) SoitGoes
2.) Minnii
3.) Turningthepage
4.) Crimby
5.) Rhubot

As Thus Thread Moves Along We Will Get Closer To Launching Tha Imagination Space Flight ,

Into Tha Stars (!!!) ,

So If Anyone Else Would Lyke To Join Thus NEW Exclusive Club ,

Then Please (!!!) ,

Feel Free … ,

So ,

Do YOU Lyke Music (???)

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I barely listen to music, actually. I used to be a musician myself. I forfeited for higher freedom to listen to music. Performance & being an entertainer (a musical one) is just not my thing.

I’ve always liked music.
I remember listening to and liking the Beatles when I was 6 or 7, in 1967.
I remember the Beach Boys around that time too,
I remember when I was even younger, maybe 5 years old, and listening to Tom Jones singing “What’s New Pussycat?” It was a huge hit for him. I also remember, Dionne Warwick (Whitney Houstons aunt) having a big hit with “Do you know the Way To San Jose?”
Anyway, when I was in high school we partied to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Montrose, and ZZ Top.

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I think this is one we’ll all like.


ZZ Top is some good ishhhhh. Slept on them for a while but now I realize how good they are. HE’S A SHARP DRESSED MAN.

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