I like mondays!

Because on mondays, I have paint group, and group therapy for people with voices.
I really like both groups :smile:


That sounds lovely.

I’m hoping of joining an art group too. I need to do stuff!

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If you like art you might find this neat, I guess the type of art is called “pouring”. I think it has cool results and looks fun - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7AUNHhHX8M

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I love it. Might try that out myself since I have one of those boards and acrylic. Thanks

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Good for you. Having something to do regularly you like or can at least tolerate is good for the sz mind! Getting out of your normal headspace is good and glad you like it! Art class sounds interesting. I did art in highschool and really enjoyed it. I’ve done some painting later in life but my brain is just too scattered to do any nowadays.

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I like Mondays cause they’re the days I play Dnd with friends!!


I like Happy Mondays :blush: It’s a band from 90’s.

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Where do you attend those groups?

Who is your character? Mine is a sorcerer who ran away from magic school to travel the world and flirt with as many cute boys as possible. He knows only the most useless of spells, but somehow always manages to save the day with them (ask me about the time he defeated a T-Rex with a pun, or the time he threw glitter at an angry mob).

His best friends are a barbarian warrior who accidentally saved his life once, so he’s forever in her debt, and his favorite bartender, who is secretly a priestess of Death, and only bartends because she likes subtly encouraging people to do stupid and dangerous things while intoxicated.


I attend the painting group at a local activity centre, and the group for voice hearers at the volunteer center.


Very cool! Enjoy!

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I like Mondays too because that’s the day when I have my piano lesson.

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Your character sounds like fun!!! I’d love to hear more about his escapades!!!

My character is Oro Somaduul a silver dragonborn fighter! She was exiled from her home after accidentally killing someone who was harrassing her little brother.

Unfortunately the person Oro killed happened to be the chieftains daughter hence why she got exiled.

Oro is a disaster Bi and will basically flirt with anyone. Her number 1 method of flirting is saying a cheesy pickup line and flexing. This method has proven very effective (I have rolled so many nat 20s it’s hilarious)

Her hobbies include reading steamy romance novels, eating pastries, and shining her scales.

Her best friend is our kenku bard who is a chaotic force and they have terrorized many pubs and shopkeepers together.

She has 2 current love interests are a mysterious human who turned out to be a revanant and he died but our bard reincarnated him.
And the other is our angsty teifling rogue who apparently has very nice hooves. But also doesn’t say much.

Shes very protective of her friends and is also the moral compass of the party.

I’m working on another character for another campaign but he has a lot of religious themes so I wont detail too much… But hes a fallen aasimar. Blood hunter that got possessed and I call him shadow the hedgehog. Cause he’s “angsty” I love him lol

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Haha that’s awesome. She sounds like a total badass. My crew is all chaotics. Two chaotic neutrals and me, the chaotic good. We make for an interesting time. My current semi-stable love interest is a mysterious and enterprising young man with a mysterious past, who may or may not have started a mafia and may or may not have killed a lot of people. Both my party members think he’s using my character, but Orion is sure it’s true love. He’s not the best at forward thinking.

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