I like it that you don't question my claim

I like it on this forum, you understand and don’t question the validity of my claim that I’ve gone totally out of my mind. What is there still? Something is there that takes care of my daily needs. I preach development of intellect for people with sz and sza. You can do it, keep trying! And I preach abstinence from drugs and alcohol. You may be able to get by with doing it, but if you’re like me it’s a short dead end road.


It’s a nice message. We are often broken people and even the so called normal world struggles with alcohol and drugs. I think for us our biggest problem health wise is smoking. Cigs are so unnecessary but seem to help…It’s uncommonly common amongst our population and it’s not good.

I’m glad you like the place and people. It really is a good crowd.


I stay away from everything except nicotine. I try to keep my mind sharp by indulging in intellectual hobbies. Sadly, I don’t exercise enough, something I need to work on. Aerobic exercise does wonders for cognition.
May the force be with us!


I made a comment about the Intellect awhile ago and someone questioned me what my definition of Intellect is and I didn’t know exactly what to say. Since then I heard a definition I like very much. The intellect is using the mind. We use the mind more than animals. It is not limited to reading. I listened to a radio show this morning and consider it an intellectual activity. I will practice guitar soon today too.


Going to have a beer and smoke tonight. Calms me down.

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