I like bicycle riding

I ride a lot. See a lot of people, get fresh air, good exercising and so on. Today I have ridden at least 20 km, 12 miles.


Good for you, mjseu. I rode bicycles years ago. It’s good for health and environment. I wish there are less and less people driving cars.


I own a bicycle, haven’t ridden it in ages though as it would have been a hassle to lug it up the three flights of stairs to my last apartment.

I used to walk quite a bit as well before my mom went and bought me a pickup truck…now I drive everywhere. More mobility, less exercise…

Oh and 2.5 packs of cigarettes a day + bicycle = wheeeeeeeeze…huh, huh, wheeeeeze!

I have a 40 min walk every morning. can go cycling on the promenade using hire bikes also must do it sometime