I like also this black cat

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I love black panthers - I like your avatar also @mjseu

I have a little depression from time to time. Black things make me even more depressed. So I don’t like your avatar. I don’t know how many people on this site have depression and have a fear of black things.

I had depression before the summer came, actually I had bipolar (ups and downs), but then it became light here in Finland and now I have no depression. My place has totally white walls without any other colors, but I like black as I like many other colors.

I took this depression test again, scored 4 = no depression

I love black panther’s which grew from my love of Bagheera from the jungle book, I even have a big black panther cuddly toy I bought with some Christmas money when I was 7, he protects me when I’m struggling so yes I still sleep with a cuddly toy, in fact I have many but they just make me feel safe and remind me of better times.

I know some people would be horrified by that considering I’m 21… But I don’t like an empty bed in case I’m psychicly attacked at night. I’ll always have bagheera, a big teddy my parents bought my for my sixth birthday which I remember getting and being overjoyed by, Mickey Mouse, and other special ones but those are my main few :blush:.

S long story short, I love black panthers!